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With my Tarot practice I provide empowering, insightful, and in-depth readings. I use the cards, which represent essential and universal aspects of the human experience, to dive into the stories we tell about our lives. How can we reframe these stories? How can we connect to forgotten or under-utilized archetypes within us?

What energies do you wish to call into your life? The emotional cups, the intellectual swords? The fiery wands? The practical pentacles? Have you forgotten that you're as capable as the Queen of Pentacles? Do you need to draw on the authoritative power of the King of Swords?  

Whether you're looking to harness these qualities, trying to make a major life decision, faced with an interpersonal conflict,  or just checking in with your current state, the Tarot can affirm and assist your journey. The cards connect us to our deepest sense of self. They connect us to our intuition-- our gut sense of yes, I know what's right. They can make us confront the necessary decisions we've been avoiding. Tarot cuts through the daily chatter to get at what's essential.

I see myself, the reader, as a conduit between the cards and your own innate wisdom. You already have the answers you need. The cards can connect you directly to that wisdom, and I can interpret their message, acting as translator between your intuition and your conscious mind.


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"My monthly readings with Lily are always a reliable source of inspiration and illumination. Her playful spirit, thoughtfulness, good humor, and deep understanding of tarot make every session an energizing experience. I'm so thankful to Lily for the clarity she has brought into my life through tarot."  -Kate W., Colorado

"When Lily is behind the cards she seems to borrow your perspective and polish the lens. In my readings with her she has always been questioning, generous, curious, and kind. She always seems thrilled to be a part of your story." -Sam G., Seattle

"Meaningful. Fun. Emotional. Useful. The world runs on TigerLilith Tarot." -Eric A., Los Angeles

"Thank you for this truly GREAT reading. It gave me SO MUCH strength... another accurate, insightful reading."        -Kathleen R., Connecticut

"A big thank you to Lily for my reading and guidance. I can relate to this reading. I am traveling soon and having reunions with people I haven't seen or been in touch with for many many years. Lily also read that I was being held back by something and she was spot on there, hence my decision to travel and 'find myself.' I will certainly take the advice of Lily and the cards on board. Thanks again." -Eileen, Australia

"You are spot on from the very start of your reading and many elements of it resonate with the recent past or present time situation. Thank you VERY much, for comforting me in the decisions I made. You are really gifted and your good vibes are really nice to get!" -Nath O., Belgium

"Thank you very much for your beautiful and in-depth reading. You truly are very intuitive and have a beautiful way of expressing yourself and the cards." -Janice H., Ireland

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