New Moon in Leo: The World

from the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot

from the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot


The new moon falls on this last day of July. As I was shuffling my deck to pick a card, I was thinking: we’re on the precipice of something. I’ve certainly been feeling that way in my own life for a while. Have you? When I then selected The World as this moon’s card, it felt right. The World signifies completion, the end of a cycle. Because it’s an ending, it’s a place to hang out and pause before beginning the next phase. So, yes, it would seem that we are on the precipice of something.


As you may know, the tarot is divided into two parts: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana, cards 0-21, are called the Fool’s Journey, and they follow our protagonist the Fool through triumphs and travails, until he ends up at The World. This is the card that completes the journey. The odyssey has been taken; our hero has returned home. Except our hero isn’t the same. We can’t go on a grand odyssey without changing, right? The World is when we come to the end, but we realize we’ve changed. We’ve grown. We’ve expanded. Whatever new phase we now embark upon will reflect that expansion.

I’ve found that one of the trippiest aspects of adulthood (can I still be an adult if I use words like “trippiest”?) is how much change happens emotionally and mentally, even if not physically. As an adult, your shoe size doesn’t change, your height doesn’t change, maybe you have the same job or same apartment for years— but under the surface, drastic change is happening. I feel so utterly different than I did even two years ago, although the physical facts of my life haven’t changed all that much.

How often do you check in with yourself about all this change? How often do you affirm the invisible ways in which you’ve grown? The World is like a graduation card, a card signifying that we’ve learned something profound, that we’ve “leveled up” in life somehow. How have you leveled up recently? Have you let yourself celebrate it? Revel in your expansion, in your growth, your own transformation?


Because The World comes at the end of the journey, this card is not one of action. You don’t have to do anything; there’s nothing left to do. Rather, it’s a card of realizing where you are, and how far you’ve come. It’s a reflection card, a celebration card. Pause and let yourself be exactly where you are. You have no tasks left on the to-do list; no credits left to complete. Enjoy your current state of being, your current place in the journey, and let yourself be. The new cycle will begin soon enough; soon enough there will be plenty to do. So for now, rest. Pause. Affirm. Reflect. Be.

I also want to talk about endings. The moon cycle before last, I pulled the Death card, which is also a card about endings. But whereas Death is halfway through the Fool’s Journey, and signifies a sudden loss, a drastic and heart-wrenching ending, The World is a different sort of ending altogether. It’s an ending at exactly the right time. It’s not premature or too sudden. It comes because you’re ready for it. It’s graduation day, and this card is here to give you your cap & gown. So even though every ending is bittersweet, The World hopefully falls more on the sweet end of the spectrum. It is the celebration of a journey well-taken.

I’m currently going through a major ending in my life. The way I feel about it ebbs and flows, but lately I have been thinking of the gift of an ending that comes at the right time. Can you see the ending of something— the end of school, of a relationship, of an era in your life— as a chance to really look back and think, wow, I did this amazing thing? I had this beautiful and full experience. It may be over now, but that doesn’t lessen how important it was. Not at all. The World is when we look back and think, wow, what a journey it’s been. That doesn’t mean a few tears aren’t shed. But they are the happy-sad kind of tears; the grateful kind of tears. (p.s., on that note, listen to Happy & Sad by the amazing Kacey Musgraves).

Whatever it is you’ve completed, let yourself rest here. Look back on all the experiences you’ve collected, shared, and felt. It’s been amazing, hasn’t it?