New Moon in Taurus: The Magician

from Dame Darcy’s Queen Alice Tarot

from Dame Darcy’s Queen Alice Tarot


Oooh, I was VERY excited to pull The Magician for this new moon!!! I am writing from a super-sunny day here in Seattle, and the brightness is so intoxicating I’m not surprised I pulled such a high-energy card. The Magician is such an exciting card because it’s about pure potential. The first card in the Major Arcana, the Magician is about the power we all contain within us— the power to create our realities.

Magic is often defined as creating change in conformity with one’s will. It’s intention + action = desired change. The Magician card encapsulates that moment of discovery, when we realize we’re able to create this desired change. It’s the feeling of pure power in our bodies and minds; the power of pure potential.

with the Rider-Waite-Smith Magician

with the Rider-Waite-Smith Magician

The card’s image features all four suits of the tarot— cups, swords, wands, and pentacles— because these four energies (representing, respectively, feelings, thoughts, actions, and physicality) all together create magic. The Magician is someone who uses the tools at hand to create something; they use all the resources and energies present. The Magician is resourceful. They view their environment as a workshop, a laboratory to experiment and create within.

One of the central lessons of this card is that magic begins from within you. Whatever you want to create, that spark must come from inside you. Once that inner spark is lit, you can then use tools, resources, and external energies to help achieve your goal. But you are the source of the spell.

This is a really potent lesson at this time of the year. We just celebrated Beltane on May 1st— a festival of fertility, warmth, and love. It’s a celebration of growth, of external energies, of excitement, of sharing. We’re officially out of the darker, inward-focused months. We’re in the sun, and we can match the blossoming energy of the world with the blossoming energy inside of us. What do you want to grow? What do you want to see emerge from the fertile soil?

This is a great time to focus on getting your projects out into the world. Whatever’s been ruminating or developing inside of you, it may be time to open the gates and release it into the public. Even if it’s not perfect yet. The Magician is an experimenter; he isn’t afraid to try spells, casting them out, unsure how they’ll land. Take a page from the magician’s (spell)book; take a risk. Release something creative into the world, even if it’s not done yet. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of done.


Another lesson from the Magician is to create for creation’s sake. Without worrying about the final product, what do you enjoy creating? What do you enjoy playing with, experimenting with? What if life was just a magician’s experimenting table? A magical workshop? (IDK MAYBE IT IS…..)

Importantly, the Magician doesn’t take himself too seriously. There’s some trickster energy here; see how he’s represented by the Cheshire Cat (my all-time favorite trickster)!!! The Magician is playing; that’s partly why his magic is so powerful. When we try to control our magic, or make it so heavy or serious, it can kill the spark. At least for me that’s certainly true. When I hold things lighter— laugh at them, see them in new ways, see the paradoxes and contradictions and humor in everything— my magic can spark and soar. It’s also just a lot more fun.

In this sunny springy month of May, what will you have fun creating? What do you want to play with? What tools and energies do you want to experiment with? What can you release into the world, not caring exactly how it’ll land? Can you feel the spark within? What will you do with it?

Blessed be!