Fall Under Mima Good's Spell

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Good Girl, a magical EP made by my witchy sister Mima Good. Mima Good— a name created from the first and last names of two accused witches during the Salem Trials— makes spellbinding, sultry blues-rock out of NYC. Watch the video for “My Demon,” above, and then check out the rest of the Good Girl EP on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen. All the tracks are killer. Particularly heart-wrenching is “Good Girl,” a deceptively sweet-sounding song of a girl devoted to a lover in a gendered power imbalance. It’s relatable to anyone who’s been an adolescent girl, and who’s finally claimed her magic. When she sings “if I’m a good girl, I’m not a free one,” I get chills, every time. The whole EP sings the story of an awakening, of a witch coming into her own.