New Moon in Pisces: Knight of Wands

from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot.

from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot.

Mm. I do love me some elemental balance. Today’s new moon is in the super-watery sign of Pisces, a highly emotional and psychic energy! The card I pulled for this new moon is a super-fiery energy, the Knight of Wands. So we have some strong fire and some strong water occurring together. This means we won’t get too bogged down in the emotional waters, nor burn up with too much passionate action! Balance! Neat, right?

The Knight of Wands is one of the court (or people) cards— it’s an archetype card. It’s an embodiment of a certain personality. Now, we all possess each archetype within ourselves. Some may be more dominant within us, but if we practice, we can tap into any archetype we choose. So the Knight of Wands does not represent a specific person or even a specific type of person, necessarily— it represents a specific archetype within yourself. An energy you can embody.

And what energy is it? It’s a super action-based, passionate, fast-moving, ultra-creative one. As I mentioned, wands are ruled by the element of fire. Knights are also ruled by fire— so Knight of Wands is DOUBLE FIRE. That means double action, double passion. Woo! The Knight is someone who’s going to leap before he looks. Someone who’s going to rush out the door and take action, regardless of whether it’s wise or not. The Knight’s mounted and ready on his horse, ready to pounce into a gallop at the slightest nudge. (Do horses pounce? I don’t know equestrian terms).

There’s a good time for these qualities, of course. To be ready for action, driven by passion, is entrancing. People want to be around that type of energy. It’s also useful. When you’ve got a major task or project or a problem that needs solving, Knight of Wands energy will kick your butt enough to get you out there solving it. Superheroes embody Knight of Wands energy— getting out there to do what’s right, risking it all because they’re driven to act.


Of course, in Tarot, each card has a light and a shadow side. As intoxicating as the Knight’s fiery nature may be, it would burn anyone out to always run this hot. It’s not a coincidence that it’s called “burnout” when you try to do too much stuff, too much action without enough rest. It’s too much fire energy. I tend to think of Knight of Wands as being most helpful when you’ve been stalled or stuck, and you just need to get unstuck. If you’ve been bogged down with heavy energy or feeling stagnant, the fiery heat of this Knight is what you need to get you on your feet again, moving for the sake of moving. But he’s not the best archetype to have as your daily default.

So, now is a good time to ask yourself: Where can the Knight of Wands help you? Where do you want to feel unstuck? Where have you been bogged down? Where do you just need to apply some fire, some heat, some action? If you don’t know where to start, start by just moving your body. That’s the best way to begin generating heat and getting unstuck. Do something high-energy, like a kickboxing class or a run or Zumba. Something that gets your heart beating and your body sweating. That will begin to kick Knight of Wands’ heat into gear.

Secondly, make a list of all the things in your life you wish were progressing. Even just acknowledging them in writing is the first step in progressing. Once you’ve listed them, write at least one thing you could do for each one, to move it forward— even just a tiny bit. A micro-movement is still a movement. The Knight of Wands is here to carry us forward in some area of our lives, so take advantage of his support! Know that this is a good time for you to take action. You take an action and the universe meets you halfway, helping you out, making it easier to continue. That’s how I see it, anyway.

You can also find heat sources in other areas in your life. Eating hot food, for example. (This may sound obvious, unless you are as lazy at cooking as I am. When I heat up food it is a really big deal). Putting on clothes that just came out of the dryer— that’s a good one. So is visiting the sauna or soaking in a hot tub.

Why do actions like this work? Even though sweating in the sauna might not directly add action and passion to your life, it is helping you to make the changes you want. The math of magic goes: intention + action = desired change. If you enter the sauna (action) with the desire to be fired up and unstuck (intention), you are in essence casting a spell. You are signaling to yourself, your body, and the universe that you mean it. You are reminding yourself of your intention and the determination behind it. The body and mind are one, remember. Heating the body can indeed heat the mind and soul.

As I mentioned, our new moon tonight is in Pisces, which is a watery sign. The emotional depths of Pisces provide a nice balance to the ultra-fire of the Knight. This means a nice balanced moon phase for us— and reminds us to practice balance in our own lives. If you’re heating up too much, go internal and spend some time in your feelings. If you’re bogged down and watery, practice the heat-raising actions above. There’s so much strength in balance, y’all.

blessed be!