Full Supermoon in Libra: Eight of Cups

from the Moon Power Tarot by Charlie Quintero

from the Moon Power Tarot by Charlie Quintero

Holy smokes, y’all. This is a big one. Not only is tonight a full moon— a full supermoon, meaning it will appear about 30% bigger— but it is also the night of the spring equinox. Tomorrow marks the first day of spring. And that’s not all. Tonight’s moon is in Libra; the sign of balance, justice, and fairness, symbolized by the scales. Equality. Duality. And this on the night when day and night are equal length. I mean, come on. Even if you’re not into astrology or symbolism, THAT IS JUST COOL.

On an auspicious night such as this, I’m ready for some big messages to come through. It’s like the energy of everything is amplified— is it just me, or has this week been really intense? Intensity might be the universe’s way (or your own subconscious’s way) of getting your attention. After all, when things are just business-as-usual, we don’t really pay attention. To get us to truly wake up and change something, the energy has to heighten. And sometimes that’s not so fun.

Which brings me to our card for this full moon: the Eight of Cups. The Eight of Cups is one of those cards we don’t always want to accept. It is about a leave-taking, a much-needed goodbye to something (or someone). It’s sort of a breakup card (though not necessarily a romantic breakup), but a breakup that’s been a long time coming, rather than a sudden split. You know when you’ve sort of known on some level that something isn’t right anymore? This card is when you finally admit that to yourself, stand up, and walk away.


Because of that, there’s a real sadness in this card, but there’s such a wisdom too. We’re leaving something behind because it’s time, because it’s right for us. That doesn’t mean we can’t mourn and be sad. The mourning is a part of this card. But it is the mourning of something whose time was up, not something that ended too soon. There is a difference.

If you’ve been contemplating leaving a relationship, this card certainly speaks to that. But please remember: the cards do not tell you to do anything. The cards don’t command or order. They just illuminate. So rather than this card saying, “you must break up with your significant other,” it’s more like it’s saying, “this is what this energy looks and feels like. Is this how you feel? If so, would the wise choice be to leave? And if you do, what might be possible on the other side?” Tarot cards have a reputation for telling you what will happen to you. But that’s not how I see it. The cards can illuminate some hard truths. But what you choose to do with that knowledge? That’s up to you.

If this card isn’t about a relationship for you, it could be about a job, a project, or just a way of being that it’s time to lovingly let go. Because this card is about cups, and cups rule the emotional realm, whatever is being referred to is emotionally ingrained in your life somehow. That’s why the leave-taking is hard; it’s not just a logistical concern. It’s an emotional attachment.

I had a really beautiful, amazing experience last weekend, and when I returned to my daily life this week, I was bombarded with difficulty in readjusting to my day-to-day routine. I just couldn’t fall back asleep to the ways that my routine is not serving me at all. Whereas before, I was ignoring or repressing the ways my schedule is majorly bumming me out, I’m now seeing it all crystal clear. I’m working too many hours and I’m working seven days a week. For a while I could ignore the exhaustion and frustration. But now that I’ve taken a break and come back— and now that this super bright Libra moon is illuminating the truth of the matter— it’s so blatant that I don’t want to go on this way.

from the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck

from the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck

At first this realization was painful. Making a change is hard. Maybe if I just ignore all of these truths, I can not rock the boat, and just keep plowing along, right? Well, sure, maybe. But that’s not the life I am interested in living. Which means I will have to rock the boat. It means I will need to be assertive and ask for a different schedule. And if that’s not possible at my current job, it means I’ll have to find another. It also means I will need to face my fear of working fewer hours, of making less money. I will need to face my fear of instability. But this old way of being— a yes-saying, people-pleasing, I-can-do-everything-and-never-burn-out way of being— is done. Goodbye, old friend. I shall miss you. Not.

Much like how I described Tarot above, the energy of Libra is just illuminating a truth, rather than telling you which way to go. It offers a dispassionate, truthful way of viewing a situation. For me, it illuminates: This way of life is causing me to suffer. I can continue it and keep suffering. Or I can make a change. Making the change is hard. But not making it is harder. Maybe it all comes down to that.

What is Libra showing you? What is this super bright, super round full moon illuminating? Which part of your life— a relationship, an old way of being— is showing you that it’s over?

A nice ritual for this moon would be to hold yourself a nice little funeral for whatever it is that you’re ending. Are you giving up an old habit that used to provide comfort? Let yourself have a little goodbye party for it. Thank it for its time, then send it on its way. Are you giving your two weeks’ notice at a job whose time is up? List all the good memories, thank it for its time, then have a little party and say adieu. The point is to honor whatever phase is done, and truly thank it for whatever it offered you at the time. Working all these hours allowed me to get out of debt. It served me at the time. But that phase is over, so sayonara, sister.

And here’s a note of hope: Each suit in Tarot moves from the Ace to the Ten. Along the way, we learn, evolve, suffer, and grow. While the Eight of Cups is a sad card, the good news is that the Nine and Ten of Cups— the next cards in our cups journey— are pure joy. They are cards of emotional abundance, harmony, contentment. So remember that after this difficult goodbye comes a phase of happiness. This hard farewell will pay off.

Libra ain’t easy, but she’s fair. When we release the old, we welcome in the new. As winter ends, spring begins. Trust yourself tonight as you plan what to leave behind. It’s not easy, but it’s time. Because what’s waiting on the other side will be totally worth it.

Blessed be!