New Moon in Aquarius: Eight of Pentacles


Happy New Moon, everyone. I write from a comfy couch next to a fireplace and a sleeping dog, at the house where I’m housesitting. Housesitting is great— a change of space, like a little retreat. One not so great thing about it, though— I forgot to bring my deck with me! When I sat down to write a new moon post, I realized I don’t have a deck, and thought, “how can I pull a card?”

But of course, the teachings of Tarot can be used whenever we want, not just when we have a physical deck to pull from. I realized this oversight was actually the perfect excuse to check back in with my theme card for 2019— the Eight of Pentacles. Here, in this New Moon in the very beginning of the second month of the year, is the perfect time to re-orient ourselves, to check back in, to re-center.


My goal/theme card for 2019 was the Eight of Pentacles because it’s the card of consistency, craftsmanship, dedication, and work. While this may not seem like the sexiest group of words for my new year’s theme, these little steps are the things that add up to what we really want. My dreams are huge, and the only way to get there is through small, consistent action. And while this may not sound exciting, it actually is exciting to me, because it’s achievable. For example, I want to publish another novel. That goal feels HUGE and daunting AF. But sitting down and writing for twenty minutes today? That I can do. So this consistency approach actually feels invigorating to me, because it cuts up my ambitions into small, doable chunks. (mm… chunks of ambition…)

Eight of Pentacles is the ruler of this energy. In the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck, we see a lone figure sitting at his work bench, working away at creating a line of seemingly identical pentacles. (That rhymes.) He’s clearly been at work for a long time, and he’s clearly honing his craft. He’s not done yet. He’s achieved something tangible— look at the line of coins he’s already completed— but he’s still approaching his task with focus and diligence. That’s how I want to be this year, y’all.

Of course, everyone needs a break. Your nose can’t be to the grindstone 24/7. Hey, I watched an episode of Angel before I even sat down to write this post. Sometimes the resting comes before the work. Doesn’t matter. I’m not here to shame myself or guilt myself or beat myself up for my habits; all that stuff is a distraction anyway. Like the guy on the Eight of Pentacles card, I’m here to work. (And also watch Joss Whedon’s entire body of work).


And another thing— the focus in these images is on the process, not the finished product. I don’t know about you, but I often find myself letting “perfect” or “finished” be the enemy of progress. Basically, because something isn’t “good enough” as I perceive it, I stop myself from making it or putting it out there at all. For example, as you may have noticed, I’m currently revamping the blog— I have a vision for how I want it to look and feel, and while I’m making progress, it’s not all the way there yet! Part of me thought I had to wait to keep posting until I finished the site layout. But then I realized: the site layout isn’t actually the point. If I wait until it’s finished, I’m letting this dream of a finished product get in the way of what actually matters— the work, and the love of the work! I love the process— thinking and writing about Tarot. Why would I let the product— a shiny website— get in the way of that?

Because that’s the other crucial part of this card, and this approach to work— you have to stay connected to the “why”. Why do I sit my butt down to write this post? Because I freaking love the Tarot so much, and I want to dive into its mysteries and lessons for the rest of my life, and for me that means writing about them. When friends or family have told me that they’ve read a post and connected to it, or it meant something to them, that’s the “why”. And so, fancy website or no, physical deck or no, I continue to write. That’s the why. That’s the soul. The rest is just logistics.

How do you guys handle this long-term dedication? Where have you seen consistency pay off? How do you return to this consistent effort after time away? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter, since this is an energy I’m going to be working with all year (and hopefully for the rest of my life!)

Blessed be, friends.