Deck Crushin': Tarot Wish List

My favorite Internet rabbit hole to go down is lusting after decks and discovering new decks to crush on. I decided to compile some in a post just in case any of you are into stalking decks too! Below is an (incomplete) list of the decks that I am currently salivating after.

I never set out to be a deck collector at all. It’s just endlessly fun to play with new decks, and to see how different cards are portrayed in each one. I love all my decks so much, and they all have really unique energies. Sometimes I feel torn about buying a new one, since I don’t take all of them out super frequently. And there is something to be said for getting to know a single deck intimately well! (I did learn on the Rider-Waite-Smith, so I do know that deck like the back of my hand). What do you guys think?? Are you single-deck devotees, or collectors? And what decks are on your current wish list??

  1. Moon Power Tarot

    [edit: I totally bought this deck for myself for my birthday. IT’S INCREDIBLE]. I learned about this amazing sci-fi-esque deck from Joanna DeVoe’s newsletter. (Side note: if you haven’t, check out her podcast Hippie Witch. It played a huge role in my journey to witchcraft). She posted about this Etsy deck a few weeks ago, and ever since I’ve been obsessed! For cool space girl vibes, look no further. This deck is drawn by Charlie Quintero.


2. Supra Oracle

Ok, technically this is an Oracle deck, not a Tarot deck, but I’m including both on this list. Oracle decks don’t tend to be quite my thing. Most of them I find too love-and-light, with no darker or more difficult cards. And life ain’t all love-and-light. (The best exception I’ve found is the stunning Oracle of Oddities, which includes darker cards as well). But lately I’ve been finding Oracle decks that are more interesting and complex than just a set of affirmations. For example, the beautiful Supra Oracle, which is drawn by Peter Dunham and made by Uusi, the same studio who makes Pagan Otherworlds Tarot. The Supra deck is loosely based on Jungian psychology and Gnosticism. It’s elegant, esoteric and haunting. That’s what I want from an Oracle deck for sure.


3. Mesquite Tarot

One of my classmates had this deck at our Women’s Spirituality intensive, and I fell in love with it. It is so simple, elegant, and refreshing. I especially love the renaming of the court cards. “Page” and “Knight” can just be so unfamiliar or hard to relate to sometimes; The Mesquite deck has renamed the court “novice”, “student”, “knower”, and “leader”. This nicely sums up the roles of these archetypes and also decouples them from gender, which is refreshing. Also, the deck comes with a BEAUTIFUL bag with the Ouroboros symbol. Wow. Looking at this online I am falling in love with it all over again. This deck was created by Texas artists Aleisha Fitz and Bronwyn Walls.

image via    Little Red Tarot

4. Ophidia Rosa Tarot

I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous botanical deck for a while. With the snake imagery, botanical line drawings, and tea-stained cards, this deck is perfect for green witches or herbal enthusiasts. If you dig hanging out in apothecaries, you’ll dig this deck. The serpent emblem on the card backs is obviously a huge selling point for me as well. This deck was made by Nicole Rallis.

photos via    Leila + Olive

photos via Leila + Olive

I could probably keep writing this post into infinity, but I’ll stop for now and do another installment soon. Honestly looking at decks online can just be so calming— a walk through gorgeous imagery and symbolism. It instantly re-connects me to how much I love this form of magic.

What decks do you have your eye on??

Blessed be!