New Moon in Capricorn: Ace and Five of Swords

from the Lumina Tarot

from the Lumina Tarot

Happy New Year, friends! I for one am so happy it’s 2019. Even though a new calendar year may be somewhat arbitrary, a fresh start feels damn good. And I’m not one for strict resolution-setting, but I do love a good intention-setting session, and a new calendar year provides a great time for that. As does a new moon phase! If you didn’t get a goal-setting session in right on New Year’s, this first new moon of January offers another good opportunity. As you know, new moons are the perfect time to plant seeds. As it’s the very first one of the year, it’s a perfect time to sit down and dream big about the coming year.

I’m certainly doing that, and dreaming really big. I feel so focused on pursuing my goals this year. And I know I’ll get distracted, because life is distracting— but I know that I can always return to this laser-focused, inspired feeling. We have to look no further than the moon for an example of that; the cyclical return, how we expand, contract, and expand again. This year will hold challenges and distractions and tangents and paths off course. But we can always return to center. We always will return to center. Everything in witchcraft moves in a cycle. Tarot, lunar phases, sacred space; these things all feature circles and spirals because we do not walk a linear path. (See more here on the cyclical wheel of the year).

Capricorn season offers us a great opportunity for goal-setting. Capricorn is a practical earth energy. I’m all water and fire myself, but I seem to manifest many Capricorns in my life, and they keep me grounded in practicality. This practical groundedness is a great place to start out the year. Resolutions get us starry-eyed, imagining how we want our lives to change. But how can we actually get there? That’s where Capricorn comes in.

I like to choose a word for the year, rather than a specific resolution. My year for 2019 is consistency. I want to put in work toward my goals every damn day. I know by now that consistent work pays off so much more than erratic bouts of working, or just dreaming big without showing up for the action. It may not be the sexiest word, but consistency is how I want to show up this year. Because I know it’ll pay off big in a way no other approach can.


So what Tarot card can help us in this grounded, consistent approach to the new year? As I shuffled my deck, the Ace of Swords jumped out at me. When this happens, it’s like the deck is going, “I got this, boo! Here’s your card!” This Ace feels so fitting for the occasion. Aces are new beginnings, the first step of a huge new journey. They are limitless potential. The Ace of Swords in particular is about a new way of seeing things, a new thought, a brand-new idea. (See more on the Ace of Swords here). It’s like the deck is saying, yes, this is a BRAND-new beginning. Dream big, ‘cause you can manifest some major shit this year.

The next card I pulled was the Five of Swords, a more difficult/conflicted card. The Five of Swords is about ego and conflict; it’s the “won the battle, but lost the war” card. It’s the card about when we want so badly to be right that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Fives are messy and conflicted; they’re halfway through the suit’s journey, and they’re kind of the growing pains card. Partially, this is saying that as we begin our new journey of this year, we will encounter growing pains. That’s normal; it’s part of the process. Fives aren’t bad or unnatural; they exist in the Tarot for a reason. They’re an opportunity for us to learn how to deal with our advancing journey. How to keep our egos in check and keep view of the bigger picture.

That’s the other message from these Swords this month; keep your eye on the bigger picture. Not everything will go your way; not everything should. Maybe you need to concede something small in order to stay on track for your bigger goals. When conflict arises, try to step back and zoom out. How will this affect your long-term goals? If you get stuck on every little thing, you won’t make much progress. Are these small things worth letting go, in honor of your grander vision?


I find that it’s easier said than done to stay focused on the long-term, bigger picture. We get very myopic in our day to day lives. So my plan is to reiterate my goals each day to myself. I wrote down my goals for January in my planner, and each day I look at them, to concretely remind myself of where I am aiming. It’s a way to recalibrate every single day, to return to a focused state, like I mentioned at the beginning of the post. And staying focused on what actually matters means the little stuff can fall away more easily.

This new moon invites you to use Capricorn’s practical grounded approach in your goal-setting. Write a list and refer to it every day. Stay focused on the big picture. It’s a total new beginning— the Ace of Swords shows us this— and each day is a chance to recalibrate, to re-focus.

Here’s to a great new year, everyone!

Blessed be.