New Moon (& Solar Eclipse) in Leo: Six of Pentacles

the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

Happy New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Leo! Leo is a fire sign, and here we are in the fiery summer months (in this hemisphere, anyway). There's a bunch of passion and solar energy right now. The eclipse in Leo has me thinking a lot about the solar plexus chakra. This is the third chakra, and it's all about self-confidence and standing in our power; how we show up. You know when you meet someone who just comes off as calmly powerful? That's someone who's solar plexus is active and unblocked. The solar plexus' element is fire and its color is yellow, so it makes sense that it's associated with this fiery Leo moon.

This moon gives us the perfect time to get in touch with our presence. How do you show up in spaces with others? Are you able to express yourself fully and authentically? How do you affect others? Are you able to stand in your own presence, and be present with those you encounter? I have been thinking a lot about "authenticity" (in quotes because I gag at how much this word is thrown around, but it's USEFUL)-- about showing up with others without posturing, pretending, downplaying or second-guessing ourselves. It's weirdly hard. But maybe only when we can show up without doing these things can we actually be known-- and actually affect others positively. 

As Sarah Gottesdiener writes in the current volume of Many Moons, "the archetype of Leo is generally associated with royalty, deep self-love, creativity, performance, and a flair for drama. Leo is a sign of successful self-realization, which is obtained through childlike joy, bolstered by bravery, and imparted with playful radiance." Notice she didn't say that this is obtained by trying super hard or taking everything really seriously. Au contraire! What if we access this authenticity, this powerful presence, through a playful exploratory existence? Through holding things lighter, going towards what feels good?

I had this discussion last weekend at a music festival with some friends; we were tuning into our energy and going toward whatever felt right. It doesn't have to be so hard, we realized. Can the same be true for how you show up in the world? Does it have to be so hard? (Spoiler alert: no, it does not).

All this brings me to the card for this new moon, the Six of Pentacles. This is a card about generosity, and the flow of your resources, both in and out. It's super interesting to me that I drew this card; I have been thinking a lot about generosity. Personally, I find that it feels great to be generous, but only when it's not demanded of me; in other words, when my boundaries aren't being crossed and a situation feels comfortable and reciprocal. When someone pressures you into generosity, that's not actually generosity. It's not coming from you authentically. It's pressure! So generosity is beautiful and wise, as this card reminds us, but only when you also maintain your personal boundaries. Generosity and boundaries are two sides of the same coin.

Before you give something, take a pause. Ask yourself: does this feel right in my body? Giving my time/resources/emotional space in this way? If the answer is yes, woohoo! If the answer is no, you don't need to devote more time or energy to the situation or person. Your energy is a precious resource, and it's also limited. You can't keep giving and giving if you aren't being replenished. You will get out of balance, and then be of no use to anyone, least of all yourself. So balance is another important aspect of generosity. 

from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck

from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck

The Six of Pentacles is about the give and take of energy, time, resources. It's a great time to practice opening that flow. Open the valves of giving and receiving. (I picture it as a literal valve). If there's one area of your life in which you feel depleted or stagnant, like money, try giving away a small sum to a cause that you align with (this is also the card of charity/philanthropy). When you give, you signal that you are also opening to receive. (Obviously, don't give more than you can financially handle right now). How I see it is this: you want to be more financially abundant, right? When you give to others, you create an abundant mindset. You are showing that you really do have more than enough. This mindset then puts you in the state you wish to be in: a state that feels rich, plentiful, and ready to attract more. Listen, it sounds like woo-woo Law of Attraction stuff, but this shit works.

As we move through this New Moon in Leo, notice where you're giving, and how it feels. Notice where you're distributing your time and energy, and whether it feels draining or replenishing. Notice if the way you're giving feels authentic, and how this allows you to show up with others. Notice how you articulate and maintain your boundaries. And if you're tired of all this noticing, just go towards what feels good. Go towards what feels like play, and joy, and fiery light. That oughta be a good guide for this fiery phase we're in.

Blessed be!