Full Moon in Aquarius: Knight of Pentacles & Four of Swords

cards from the Light Visions deck

cards from the Light Visions deck

Happy Full Moon! It's also a lunar eclipse, although we won't be able to see it from here in North America. We should be feeling the added intensity, though! From what I've read, this moon is going to bring up deep stuff from our shadows, especially regarding family and relationships.

Before you get scared, though, don't worry! The two cards I pulled (I felt called this moon to pull two cards) are both strongly anchored energies, reminding us that we can stay stable and secure even during intense times. Both of these cards remind us that this is the long game. If we can take the long view, and practice habits that are sustainable and supporting, we'll stay sane and focused.

The Knight of Pentacles is one of the most steadfast archetypes. He's determined, steady, and unwavering. Knights are typically about action, and the Knight of Pentacles is no exception; he's just about grounded action. Pentacles, after all, are the earth-based suit; they're about being rooted, connected to the earth, feeling firm in our foundations. That's the attitude of this Knight. He's moving forward, but he's not rushed. He knows that slow and steady wins the race.

Whatever you're pursuing right now, ask yourself if you're taking it at a sustainable pace. While running around in a frenzy can be really invigorating in short bursts, that's not the energy we're asked to embody this moon. The energy right now is so intense (not to mention in this fiery July heat!) that if we don't focus on pacing ourselves, we'll burn out quick. Instead, focus on steady, slow progress. I'm reminded of a funny phrase my old boss used to say: "How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time." Meaning, if you've got a huge task, take it one tiny step at a time. That is literally the only way we accomplish anything strong and stable. Are you doing one small thing each day to move you toward your goals? Congratulations, that's enough.

It's also helpful to make sure some of those habits and daily actions are grounding, too. I was just reading in Ruby Warrington's book Material Girl, Mystical World that in our society we have serious root-chakra problems. Meaning, we get so distracted with constant information and entertainment and thought and communication (all upper-chakra activities) that WE'RE NOT CONNECTED TO THE GROUND. We're not taught to value rootedness, to practice things that connect us to our foundations. Things like: dropping into your body, disconnecting from communication, growing things outside, walking barefoot, spending ample time in nature, feeling sensations in your body all the way down to your limbs, and just generally shutting up our thoughts.

from the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck

from the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck

Another activity that grounds us? REST. That's the message of this moon's other card, the Four of Swords. I love this card, because its message is pretty simple: lie down and rest. Don't worry about your responsibilities and activities and conflicts; they're just thoughts. You're safe enough to REST right now. Get comfy, feel your whole body relax, and go the fuck to sleep. I don't need to tell you how fundamental rest is to health (although do you know HOW fundamental?! Check out Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker). Combined with the Knight of Pentacles, who's determined to take sustainable action for the long game, the message of the Four of Swords is clear: you need to build in enough rest if you want to be functional, stable, and influential in the long run.

If you're not getting enough rest right now, prioritize it. This is a long-term-habit message, so start figuring out if you need to change habits to get better rest. Think not taking your phone into the bedroom, perhaps (I just learned that even glancing at a phone screen before bed can decrease REM sleep!), or turning out the light half an hour earlier. The message this moon is that little changes, when sustainable, do make a huge difference.

Stable, steady, grounded, rested. Those are your key words for the intensity of this full moon and eclipse. Grounded intensity! What could be better?

Blessed be!