New Moon in Cancer: King of Swords

from Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot.

from Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot.

Happy New Moon! Both the sun and the moon are in Cancer right now (it's a partial solar eclipse!) which means we are deep in this watery, psychic sign. Water signs are about the emotions and the intuition; this Cancer moon invites us to dive deep into some intuitive, psychic depths of feeling.

Now before you get scared of those watery depths, let me tell you: for this moon, I pulled the King of Swords, who is the epitome of logic and reason. In fact, this is one of the least emotional cards in the deck. So there's no need to get overwhelmed! This is a unique opportunity to dive into emotional depths using logic and rationality as a sort of life raft. We have the King of Swords' tool, analytical thinking, to keep ourselves afloat while we explore the deep & dark waters.

Everything I've read about this Cancer moon talks about its invitation for nurturing energy, for caring, for mothering. The water is a feminine element, after all; it's receptive, fluid, life-giving. In her excellent workbook Many Moons, Sarah Gottesdiener asks us during this moon to think about caring and nurturing: "The sign of Cancer correlates to the mother archetype, the home, and our homecomings: psychic, metaphorical, or literal... we may be rethinking our care, and the care of the collective."

So how does this focus on nurturing relate to the King of Swords? He's not a particularly nurturing archetype (unless you feel nurtured by intellectual discussion and chess games, which honestly, I kind of do). I think this is an invitation to marry the two approaches: to combine our intellectual and emotional lives. It's an invitation to bring both into balance. If you've been emotionally overwrought lately, it's time to bring yourself up to the surface using the King's analysis and cool logic. If you've been living in your mind, disconnected from body & feelings, it's time to get watery and dive back down into Emotion Town, population: you.

After all, we don't all need the same things at the same time, do we? The moon cycle is a time for you to check in with your journey, with your energy and needs. This is where the King of Swords can help us too: you can use logical thinking to figure out what your emotional needs are. I know, sounds strange, but it's totally true. The past few days, for instance, I've been feeling totally off, and I didn't know why. So I sat down and made a very rational list of what I was feeling and what I might need. I experimented with a few things, and wrote down which made me feel better. I was like a feelings scientist! My solution was totally woo-woo (I needed meditation and to lovingly fondle my Tarot cards) but how I arrived there was totally rational and linear thinking. Left and right brains unite!!!

After all, the King wants to nurture too. He's still a ruler archetype; a care-taker. He has a kingdom of people to look after! He just does it in a more analytical, logic-based way. But that's not a wrong form of nurturing. What if you take this approach to your emotional wellbeing right now? What if you make a list, a chart, a graph? What if you make your emotional state into a scientific experiment, complete with controls and variables? What if you write down your observations of your own psyche in a detached way? What information might you glean?

It may be hard at times, after all, to really learn about our psyches when we're so drenched in emotion; sometimes we're too steeped in it to get any perspective. We can apply the King of Swords outlook-- cool, calm, detached, observational-- during this new moon and learn about our emotional patterns and needs, because we're not drowning in them.

the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith King of Swords

the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith King of Swords

This card also suggests we seek wisdom and knowledge. Swords are the intellect, after all, and the King is most at home in his intellect. He's got a brilliant mind. We're invited to lean into that part of ourselves this moon. Nurture your mind by reading books, soaking in new ideas, getting into intellectual debates. As Jessa Crispin writes in The Creative Tarot: "The King of Swords wants conversation to think through his ideas and also to allow others to influence him. He (or she) wants to write, to communicate, to contemplate. He wants to argue, but only through logic... he wants to read and to know." Omg saaaaaame.

Let this knowledge-seeking archetype inspire you this new moon!

Blessed be!