Full Moon in Capricorn: Eight of Wands

from the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot.

from the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot.

Wow, is it a full moon or WHAT?! Is anyone else out there getting some major lessons shoved in their face? We're in a very fiery time, post-summer solstice, and there's lots of energy in the air. Warmth, movement, change. And that all goes very well with the card I pulled for today's full moon in Capricorn: the Eight of Wands.

This card is all about momentum. As you can see from the picture, it's a simple image: wands are flying through the air, clearly aimed at some point. This card is about movement. You've got places to go, and the energy is carrying you forward. Not to mention wands are the suit of fire: passion, activity, external action, the social world. This isn't a card for staying at home in introspection. This is a card for getting out there and getting shit done.

It certainly fits in with the summer season. It's finally (hopefully) warm out, and we want to get out there and LIVE! Feel into the warmth, feel into the ways your body wants to move. Go somewhere new, call up that person you have a friend-crush on, initiate something fun. Take action, and the energy of this card will be there to buoy you on your way. Start a project, or keep working furiously on all the projects you already have going. Where do you want this momentum to carry you?

There are some deeper messages here, too. The Capricorn moon is all about showing up in a more mature and thoughtful way than we have in the past. It's about facing up to our shit and taking personal responsibility. I know, snoozefest, but honestly, it's the gateway to greater joy and freedom. One of my favorite witchy writers and podcasters, Joanna DeVoe, likes to say that her relationship to the word "responsibility" changed when she realized it just meant "the ability to respond". Who wouldn't want that? The ability to respond to life's many challenges, in a way you can feel good about?

So, what ways can you take personal responsibility right now? Many sources I've read (Mystic Mamma is a good one) say that if you've been repressing or avoiding something, it's going to come up now. And MAN, were they right! I've been avoiding a living-situation conflict in the hopes that it would resolve quietly... and guess what, it didn't! Lolz. Both me and my roommate were avoiding communication until it hit us right in the face in a pretty ugly conflict. This was a huge lesson for me in initiating honest communication sooner rather than later (I know, it sounds obvious in hindsight, right?) Conflicts suck, but they are very useful in showing us EXACTLY where we can grow. That's where I'm at this Capricorn moon: being shown how I can step up, communicate more clearly, and take personal responsibility.

Again, not the most fun work on the planet. But once we move through it, we come into a wiser, gentler, more compassionate and more capable version of ourselves. Count me in! This moon is a lot about rising to the occasion. This means rising to the higher, more evolved versions of ourselves. It can be tempting to act in ways we know aren't in alignment-- trust me, I was biting back some snarky comments-- but we know that type of action will just keep us in our old ways of being. And that ain't so fun. I want to grow, change, become wiser and more capable. So the work is worth it.

the Rider-Waite-Smith Eight of Wands

the Rider-Waite-Smith Eight of Wands

So, with this idea of stepping up and rising to our more responsible (read: able to respond) selves, where will you put your momentum on this full moon? Where is your action needed? If there's a task or issue you've been avoiding, now is the time to take action on it. If there's a brewing conflict that you've been ignoring, now is the time to initiate direct communication. In The Tarot Handbook, Angeles Arrien writes, "The Eight of Wands reminds you that you can transform any situation, problem or obstacle and resolve it, by taking swift action and communicating directly."

How will you step up on this full moon? What will you initiate?

Blessed be!!