Journal Prompts: The Sun

card from The Wild Unknown deck

card from The Wild Unknown deck

Hello, folks, and happy (almost) Summer Solstice!! The longest day of the year is coming up on Thursday, and in celebration of this sunshiny festival, I want to honor and work with the Sun card. The Sun is truly a joyful and optimistic card; on its surface, it's one of the simpler cards in the deck. If it could talk, it'd say something like: HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While this card's message may be simple, though, working with it isn't always straightforward. It can be hard to let pure happiness in. It can be hard to allow joy and exuberance in a world that's often scary and violent. It can feel insane to be optimistic sometimes. And The Sun isn't for every day; it's not about denying the harsh realities of the world. But it is about joy, which may sometimes be elusive, but is possible and real (and, perhaps, our birthright).

So in the spirit of the solstice and the sun, here are some journal prompts to get in touch with this card:

1. When was the last time you felt joy? Where were you? Who were you with? What was happening?

2. What does joy smell like? Taste like? Sound like?

3. In honor of this summer solstice, what is one way to add joy into your life? What is one specific activity you could realistically do regularly?

4. Who in your life makes you feel joy? Have you told them that? If not, could you?

5. Write a wish or prayer for joy for someone who needs it.

6. Listen to "Windows" by Angel Olsen. Close your eyes and let it seep in. Respond, or just sit with it.

Blessed be. xx

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