New Moon in Gemini: Five of Cups

from the Light Visions Tarot.

from the Light Visions Tarot.

As you may have noticed, I'm shifting from choosing a card for each calendar month and instead pulling cards on the New and Full moons. It makes more sense to me to sync posts up with the moon phases, and to stay in touch with what that lovely celestial orb in the sky is up to!

A lot of people ask me how I work with the moon and where to begin. This is one of my favorite topics and also the first thing that really peaked my interest with the Divine Feminine and this whole magical world. There are a bunch of good books on working with the moon (that'll be another installment of The Witch's Bookshelf!) but in particular this year, I've gained so much from working with Many Moons, a beautiful workbook published by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener of Modern Women.


I'm usually not a workbook person, but this one is EPIC. It's packed with great information, astrological knowledge, connections to the Tarot, ritual ideas, and space for free journaling. It has really kicked my practice into higher gear. And the cool thing about it is it's specific to each year, so the book includes the specific dates and times of the current moon phases. It's so helpful. Highly recommend!

The entry for yesterday's new moon in Gemini was really thought-provoking. Gemini is, of course, the sign of the twins; it's about duality, balance, opposites. This new moon provides us a chance to recognize our multitudes; to accept all parts of ourselves, even when they're seemingly in contrast. We ALL have contrasting aspects of our personalities,  and this isn't inherently a bad thing, but I think we treat it as such. How often have you thought "but I'm not the kind of person who does x" even when you really kinda want to do x. It's totally natural! But often we feel bad about not being totally "in alignment" or "consistent" and then woooooo the shame spiral begins!

The Gemini moon reminds us we don't even need to enter the spiral. Life is complicated, and so are we. Our desires aren't simple, our personalities aren't simple, and it's okay to change our minds and express the wildly varied parts of ourselves. In Many Moons, Beth Maiden writes: "If the world insists on putting each of us in one box or another, Gemini stands with a foot in each." This moon reminds us that we don't have to conform to any box. You can stop trying to define yourself; you can be limitless, undefinable.

The card I pulled for this new moon is the Five of Cups. This is a complex card; fives are always tricky, and signify some sort of conflict or tough transition. In the Five, we see a figure mourning three cups, with two cups still remaining upright. Usually, I take this as a message of focusing on what remains, rather than what was lost; yes, you've lost three cups, you've suffered tragedy, and yet look: two cups are saved. You still have much to be grateful for.

the Rider-Waite-Smith five of cups

the Rider-Waite-Smith five of cups

I'm getting a slightly different message from this card for the Gemini moon, though. In the Light Visions Tarot version of this card, we see a figure dropping three cups off a cliff. It's intentional; he's banishing something from the past, throwing something away. While releasing old stuff is always beneficial (and so often is a message in the Tarot), I wonder if the figure could have integrated those cups within himself, rather than casting them off.

Have you ever had a habit you wanted to break, and you end up angry at yourself when you just keep doing it? You want to banish that part of yourself, to cut it off and just promise to be better from now on. Doesn't usually work, does it? That's because you can't cut off a part of yourself. Instead, you must integrate it. Interrogate it. Get curious about it. I have a feeling if the figure on the card drops those three cups out of anger and guilt, they're going to come bobbing right back up to the surface.

Whatever you're struggling with right now (emotionally, probably, since we're in the suit of cups), I wonder if you can shift your perspective from getting mad at it to getting curious about it. Can you accept it, integrate it, and even make friends with it, instead of trying to exorcise it? Parts of you that are struggling don't have to be your enemy.

This is the only thing that's ever worked for me, in working with guilt and "bad" habits. Banishing them has never worked. Integrating them has.

Happy integrating, and happy new moon!

Blessed be. xx