Full Moon in Sagittarius: Five of Wands

the  Oliver Hibert Tarot ; stones: rose quartz, citrine, rainbow moonstone, black tourmaline.

the Oliver Hibert Tarot; stones: rose quartz, citrine, rainbow moonstone, black tourmaline.

Happy Full Moon! This month's full moon is in Sagittarius, and it's all about play, adventure, and freedom. YAY! If you want more of those energies in your life (and I certainly do, all the time), this is the moon cycle for you. It's a time of releasing restrictions, planning travel and adventures, and generally feeling free to play around on this wild earth we call home.

It's funny to me that for such a light and joyous moon, I pulled the Five of Wands: the social conflict card. Urgh! Now, I see each Tarot card as a balance between positive/negative or light/shadow energies. All cards contain both, and no card is either pure happiness or pure misery. However, the Five of Wands usually doesn't signify a fun time. It's about competition, social disfunction, and general beef with others.

How can we use this as guidance for this Full Moon? The first thing that comes to my mind is standing your ground. While I don't love conflict, I also recognize the value of not backing down when it's necessary. Are you in a situation where you need to stand up for yourself? If so, don't back down. There are lots of people-pleasers out there (myself included) who, when encountering a Five of Wands situation, may lay down their argument and just give in. But this is not the time to do that. If we are to truly feel free and unrestricted, we need to stand up for ourselves and voice our point of view. This is reminding us not to be pushovers. If you give in to what everyone else wants, you're not truly free. You're not driving your own adventure.

There's another message here too: not every battle is worth fighting. If you find you're in a conflict situation that just isn't important, let it go. You'll instantly free yourself from the heavy energy of this card. Michelle Tea has an enlightening way of looking at this card in her book Modern Tarot: can you see this conflict you're in as a game? Almost like a group of kids play-fighting? Try this, and then decide if this is a game you really want to play. If not, guess what?! You can play a different game! It reminds me of something I heard Shaman Durek say on the podcast "That's So Retrograde", when someone tries to engage him in a conflict he doesn't want: "That's a playground I don't play in, honey." Is someone trying to get you to play a game you're just not interested in? Can you opt out and go play on a different metaphorical playground?

So, which message do you need? Stand up for yourself, or opt out joyfully? Perhaps both will come in handy this moon cycle. Either way, this Sagittarius moon is sure to bring some high-energy shenanigans, whether they cause social friction or not. Prioritize your sense of adventure and play, and eschew restrictions; you don't need 'em. You're free, babes. Stay that way.

Happy Full Moon!!!