May 2018: The Queen of Cups

from  Dame Darcy 's Mermaid Tarot

from Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot

Happy May! It's amazing how much the energy can shift in just a day. April totally felt like a sword-energy, airy, spacious, mental month to me, as our April card promised. It was so much about seeing things differently, new ideas, and mental clarity. Then today, May 1st, everything totally shifted into the heart-space: into feeling.

In May, spring has finally sprung for real. Think about how much of spring is about sensation and feeling. The beauty of flowers and greenery. The feeling of warm air on your skin. Brighter colors, warm sun, the scent of blossoms, the fun of staying out later in the warmer, longer evenings. I think one reason people love spring so much is that we come out of winter, a stage of hibernation and isolation, into a season that's bursting with new sensations. There's a reason everyone says spring is the season when our hearts turn to fancy! It's because we drop back into the feeling-realm, back into the heart.

So I was delighted this morning to pull the FEMININE RULER OF THE HEART REALM: The Queen of Cups!!!!!!!! The Queens of any suit are the feminine rulers of the deck, the women in their seat of power, the powerful nurturing energy. Queens are evolved, mature, responsible, comfortable in their seat of power. (Remember, these archetypes are in everybody, regardless of your gender identity! Femininity in the Tarot is an energy, not a literal gender).

I absolutely love all four Queens (check out my four Queens spread if you want to connect with all four), but as a double water sign (Pisces sun/Scorpio moon) and general dreamer-poet-witch-moonchild, I definitely identify most with the Queen of the watery suit of Cups. She's the ruler of the heart realm. She leads with the heart, with emotion (water in Tarot always represents emotion). She leads from a place of compassion, empathy, and caring. Importantly, though, she's not a pushover or wishy-washy; all four Queens are STRONG in their power. They know their boundaries; otherwise they wouldn't be Queens. So she's ruler of the emotional realm, but she's got a backbone as well. What better combination could there be?

I've been really enjoying Melissa Cynova's book Kitchen Table Tarot recently, and she sums up the Queen of Cups nicely: "She is deep and calm, and is a soothing balm to all who need her assistance." Because she does have such good boundaries, she is able to be a true caregiver. Where are you a caregiver in your life, and are you able to give love and empathy in a way that doesn't drain your own? How are you on the emotion/backbone combination? This is a good month to take stock of that.


Where in your life can you start to lead more from the heart? If you've got all your time planned out mentally (as I usually do), can you drop the rigid schedule and ask what you'd love to do instead? What would bring your heart joy, what would drop you back into love? Can you feel and express your emotions more authentically-- and observe how your energy frees up in response? When in doubt this month, lead from the heart. Take a page out of the Queen of Cups' book and hang out in the watery realm of feeling and love. (And maybe wear a flower crown. Groovy.)

Lately I've been getting emotional at small daily things, because it's just hit me how surrounded by love and wonder I am. That's the Queen of Cups' gift. If you don't shy away from emotion (and trust me, I have also spent lots of time doing that), you may be surprised how full you feel-- how full your cup is. And when your metaphorical cup is full, you have plenty to give away to others without going into lack yourself. 

Make sure to fill your own cup first as this month begins. Give yourself the nurturing and care you need. Once your cup feels full, and you feel deep and calm, you can be a soothing and caring presence for others. But retain your backbones and boundaries, loves. That's the Queen's secret sauce.

Get yourself a rose quartz, if you're into that sort of thing. Hold it daily as a reminder to fill your cup; as a reminder that when your own cup is full, you may then lead from the heart, and be a profoundly healing presence in the world.

Happy May!

Blessed be. xx