April 2018: Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords from the Wild Unknown deck

Ace of Swords from the Wild Unknown deck

Holy cannoli. March was a long month, wasn't it? It totally lived up to its card of The World; it was full to bursting, expansive, and explorative. It also was the end of a cycle, as The World card is; Pisces season ended in March and astrologically, a new year has begun! So it fits perfectly that April's card is all about BEGINNING a new cycle. 

The Ace of Swords, folks!!! Wow. I love an Ace of any suit. Aces are the most simply optimistic cards in the deck; they're as new as new can be. They're the freshest of fresh starts. The first step that starts a grand journey. Get it?

Here we have the Ace of Swords: the suit of the mind, the intellect, and communication. This Ace represents a brand-new idea. A new way of thinking about something. It's all in the mental realm, the realm of thought. Later on in the suit of Swords, this emphasis on thought can get us into trouble; the abundance of thought in the eight, nine, and ten of swords leads to anxiety and an overactive mind. But here, at the beginning of the suit, we haven't run into that problem yet. With the simplicity of this one sword, with its clarity and promise, we simply have a new great idea. It's elegant, really.

I love the sword as a symbol for the mind, because it can be used as either a tool or a weapon. Swords are swift, sharp, clear, fast. They can represent clear thinking and decisiveness. However, with too much thought, too much mental activity, the swords can turn against you. Too much thought = anxiety, no? That can't-sleep feeling because a million thoughts are running through your head? That's an overabundance of swords. That's when you gotta ground back into the body/the earth (helloooooo, pentacles). 

Swords are ruled by the element of air. I love this idea for the beginning of April, the first month that's fully spring; we're getting an influx of new wind, a gust of fresh air. I don't know about you, but I can definitely use that right about now. The air makes me think of SPACIOUSNESS, airing things out, letting things have room to breathe. "Fresh air" might be a perfect motto for the Ace of Swords. It's airy, it's new, it's breathable, it's hosted by Terry Gross. Just kidding.

Ace of Swords from my new, incredibly beautiful Light Visions deck

Ace of Swords from my new, incredibly beautiful Light Visions deck

The Ace of Swords for April is bringing us clarity and spaciousness. The new air is allowing us to see things clearly, to be decisive, to see with fresh eyes. You might find that old dilemmas are easily cleared up, or that you can now see the simple solution for something that's been bugging you. You may see something that clearly needs to be cut out of your life, pronto (swords are good for cutting stuff out). You may find a new ability to communicate something clearly to others (swords rule communication, too). Enjoy this clarity, this fresh perspective; it can be really useful in propelling you forward.

Clarity and spaciousness were already goals of mine this month before I pulled this card! I'm not drinking any alcohol for the month of April, as an experiment and a test to see how my mental clarity will feel. I also have huge de-cluttering, deep cleaning goals for my apartment. I want to let in that fresh air, get all the stale energy out, and begin this astrological new year--and this season of spring-- with a sense of newness, space, clarity, and precision.

Happy April! Blessed be.