March 2018: The World


Happy March!!! My favorite month!!! The beginning of Spring, and my birthday month!!! Naturally, for this month's pick, I had to use a joyous, groovy, colorful deck. A few months ago I fell in love with the whimsical Tarot of a Moon Garden deck, and its shroomy-fairyland feel. "Shroomy Fairyland" is kind of the feeling I'm always chasing in life, so. Yeah. I vibe with this deck.

And I TOTALLY vibe with the card it gave us for March. As number 21, the last card in the Major Arcana, The World is super epic. It's the completion of a cycle, before we as the protagonists go back to the beginning of the journey (number 0, The Fool). The World is a celebration, an expansion. We've been through the ups and downs of the Fool's Journey, and we've learned a bunch, and we've expanded, and we're ready for another go-round. This certainly resonates with me, as I'm completing another cycle around the sun and turning a new age. What cycles are you completing this month? How have you expanded?

This is a looking-outward card; a card of recognizing how vast the world is and all it has to offer us. This is a month for making big plans, looking around you, traveling (even short distances), and marveling at the expansiveness of this world we're in. It's a card that reminds us that life is so much bigger than ourselves; it asks us to zoom our perspective out and look at the big picture. Remember how teeny we are in comparison to the universe. The World reminds us that the universe is full of infinite energies, infinite forces acting upon and around us. We're not really in control; we're along for the ride.

It's also a card about wholeness. It not only represents the completion of a cycle, but completion, in general. It reminds us that no matter what loose ends you have hanging, no matter what quandaries and questions you have, no matter what debts you haven't paid or to-do items you haven't completed, you are still whole. Right now. There's nothing you need to do to become whole. You already are. Life is always messy, but it is always complete. The World reminds us to honor this.

This month, honor something you've completed. Honor the lessons you've learned in the past year or so; honor the ways you've expanded. Move your gaze outside of yourself to truly appreciate the vastness of the world. Zoom out. Contemplate the cosmos. Watch the show Cosmos. Take moments of stillness to really feel into the belief that you are entirely complete, entirely whole, just as you are. Make travel plans, or plans to begin a new project; it's a fertile time for that.

Remember: life moves in circles, in cycles. There is no beginning and no end. Maybe that's The World's biggest lesson.

Happy March!

Blessed be. xx