Full Hunter's Moon: The Star

the Lumina Tarot deck and  The Occult, Witchcraft, and Magic: an Illustrated History  by Christopher Dell

the Lumina Tarot deck and The Occult, Witchcraft, and Magic: an Illustrated History by Christopher Dell

Welcome to Scorpio season, luvs! Welcome to the countdown week to Halloween, which is also Samhain, witch’s new year! This is my favorite holiday, for obvious reasons. It’s said that on Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thinnest. Communication with other realms abounds. You may see or sense some unusual things… my recommendation for this time of year (and also, always) is to try to see what happens when you listen to these subtle and unusual senses, rather than ignoring or minimizing them. What doors might they open?

I always think it’s strange when people want to describe the world as something they 100% fully understand. To me, it’s much more fun and exciting to recognize the mystery of the world, the constantly changing and unfolding unknowable nature. I think life would be a lot less exciting if I thought I understood it all. This is probably why I love the occult so much (“occult” literally means “hidden” or “unseen”); it presents a world that has many layers, layers we can’t always see… if you dig this line of thinking too, check out my post from last October, Deeper Into the Strange).

So, at first I was surprised to pull The Star for this moon’s card. The Star isn’t one of the spookier or more mysterious cards in the deck… it’s sort of a straightforward message (though highly meaningful). The Star is all about peace, solitude, calm, and inner healing. It’s a quiet card in tone, contemplative, like a solitary night walk where you feel totally calm and whole.

What does this mean in the context of this time of year? Well, the days are growing shorter and darker, bringing us into the colder half of the year (here on the Northern Hemisphere, anyway), which is associated with turning inward. Since the Star’s message is the healing that comes from within, it nudges us to get in touch with our inner voice and inner self in ways that perhaps we’ve been neglecting.

The word that I most associate with The Star is hope. Hope is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot as a nicety, but that obscures the real meaning of this word. Hope isn’t easy and it isn’t always nice; hope can be downright scary sometimes. Think of something you really want, or you really want to believe in. Do you let yourself hope for it? Like, really hope for it? I know that I often don’t. Because if you allow yourself to really believe in what you MOST want, you also open yourself up to getting crushed. Maybe The Star is a scary card after all!!


That’s the challenge this card is giving us in this current moon cycle, this spooky season: dare yourself to hope, to an extent that feels scary. If this freaks you out, don’t worry, you can get right back to your cynical ways after this. Just try out this hope thing first. See how it feels. See what responses you get, from your body, from the world… remember, the veil is thinning now, so you may indeed feel some sort of response from the universe itself.

My experience of hope is that it’s a felt-sense, rather than an intellectual thing. Close your eyes and think back to a time when you were filled with hope. Do you remember how your body felt? There is a huge difference between feeling hope in the body, in every cell, and just thinking it mentally. The mind is a trickster, but the body always knows. The Star invites you to get back in touch with your body’s truth. After all, we can’t be fully calm if our body is not calm.

I once heard a yoga teacher say that our breath and our thoughts are two sides of the same coin. If we have rapid, anxious breath, we will have anxious thoughts, and vice versa. If you want to calm down, it’s easier to change your breath than to change your thoughts. This is why breath practice is the most efficient way to calm down your entire system, and enter a peaceful state.

Play with this during this moon cycle. Know that your path to The Star’s peace begins with the breath. Maybe you can dedicate just one minute a day to breathing deeply in silence. I wonder what will be revealed to you, during this time of the thinning veil, as The Star’s guidance pulls you to hope…

Blessed be!