Going Inward for the Pisces Moon

photo from flickr/jimcrotty

photo from flickr/jimcrotty

Hi, witches. Lately I've been feeling an intense pull of internal energy; the desire to go inward rather than seek stimulation from the outside world. As a mega introvert, that's not super unusual for me, but this particular energy has a different, special quality- there's an inner quiet that I'm feeling, a need for peace that can't quite be quenched by just one chill night in. Or even lots of chill nights in. I have a bottomless thirst right now for peace, peace, peace.

I've just been reading about the recent Pisces full moon over on The Hoodwitch, and suddenly it's all making sense. The Pisces full moon is a time for introspection, solitary magic, and calm energy. The mood will lighten as the moon moves toward Aries, later in the month, but for now we're in the deep, pensive waters of Pisces. I'm relieved to read this because I don't want to be in this chillax mode forEVER, but also because it's reminding me of my true watery nature. I'm a Pisces sun and a Scorpio moon, so water's pretty much my jam all around. (Plus, I live in Seattle, where you better make friends with water real quick). As a watery introvert, sometimes I try really hard to pep myself up and be social (that voice telling me, tonight, that i REALLY SHOULD GO OUT because it's SATURDAY when in fact I'm quite happy here on my couch in my softest sweater reading about magic and drinking herbal tea.....) and it's a relief to remember that I don't always have to be peppy. I don't need to fight my watery nature. I don't need to swim out of these deep Pisces waters. I can float here, in the deep, in the quiet, until the energies change on their own.

That's the beauty of moon phases, right? They shift naturally, with no effort. We try so hard to force shifts of energy (or at least I do-- I turn on pump-up music, drink more coffee, and convince myself I'm energized) but just end up feeling more drained. Energy moves on its own. Just like the moon phases, there is a time for full joyful abundance, there is a time for internal reflection. A time for loud, a time for quiet. (Cue that '60s song, to everything, turn turn turn....) There's a Pisces full moon for solitude, and an upcoming Aries moon for cheer. So we don't need to fret too much about getting stuck in any of these phases. The moon never gets stuck; we won't either.

I started working with an herbalist recently, and she told me that all energy is borrowed from somewhere-- if we increase our energy now, by drinking coffee or taking a stimulant, for example, we're borrowing that energy from the future. It's energy we won't have later. I've been thinking about that a lot. If I forced myself to get up and go out right now, I'd be stealing that energy from not-so-distant-future Lily. And I know she's gonna need it. So I'm sinking into the quiet of this moon, floating under the surface of these Pisces waters.

How is this Pisces moon treating you? Can you make friends with the calm water, or are you thrashing and creating waves, trying to stay high-vibe and hyped up? What would happen if you.... let go? That's what I'm working on, anyway....

Blessed be. xx