Welcoming Autumn with the Dark Days Tarot

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I just got the Dark Days Tarot today, after seeing it in my local herbal healing store and falling in love with it. The lunar imagery, female forms, and black-and-white illustrations made this deck totally magnetic for me, and unlike any deck I have yet. 

There's nothing quite like unboxing a brand-new deck, is there? It's so exciting to see how each card is depicted, and which illustrations are your favorites. I've been gleefully looking through the deck ever since I got home with it, and I love it even more after seeing each card and doing my first reading with it. It's got such a luscious, deep, dark, feminine feel to it.

Looking through, I was immediately drawn to the Chariot card. In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, I certainly appreciate the Chariot, and I love its meaning, but I've never been particularly drawn to the imagery. But on the Dark Days Chariot, we see a girl on a bike, under the moon, followed by clouds and bats (birds? I don't know, I see them as bats). There's something SO gorgeously autumnal and free about this. She's biking barefoot, her hair flying free behind her, seemingly a glorious nighttime joyride.

The imagery immediately makes me think of Halloween. It's my favorite holiday, as much for the spooky imagery and Pagan roots as for the autumnal season it represents. I freakin' love the fall, you guys. Falling leaves, deep, rich colors, soft sweaters, warm soup and tea-- it's the best season. And Halloween, or Samhain, is the epitome of this season. Samhain is the Witches' New Year, the time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. No wonder it's such a magical time...

I know Halloween isn't for over a month. But seeing this card, and purchasing this deck on the first rainy day of the season (yay!!!!!!!!!!), sitting cozy in my living room drinking tea and watching the rainfall.... it's just getting me so excited. I'm so ready to welcome in autumn, and the darker, calmer energies it brings. I'm so ready to feel like this woman on the Chariot card, flying free through the autumn nighttime air. I'm so ready to walk into autumn with this Dark Days Tarot as my new guide and friend.

(Plus, did I mention this deck was made by a local Seattle artist?? Just too cool).

Blessed be! xxx