Brand-New Energy from the Solar Eclipse

Photo from NASA.

Photo from NASA.

Today, August 21st 2017, the total solar eclipse made its way across the continental US for the first time since the country's founding. I couldn't help but see it as a super-significant sign, not only for our country in turmoil, but for our personal lives as well; a call-to-action of sorts. How could something so rare, so cosmic, not have some kind of importance? I took it as a sign, as a doorway, an invitation to enter a new phase. Maybe that's just what being a witch is-- choosing to see events as signs. Maybe we're making it up, but that doesn't make it any less real. The way we see things informs our actions. Magic begins with intention, and I like to live intentionally.

So, today, as I sat underneath the darkening sky at 10am (here in Seattle we didn't get totality, but the sky did get pretty dusky. Eerie!) I thought about what this eclipse could usher in for me. What could this cosmic event signify? I did a Tarot spread (of course), and I knew that I wanted this day to inspire action. Something big. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and have never quite begun.

Which brings me to this blog! I've been wanting to start a Tarot/witchcraft blog for over a year now, because I'm pretty much obsessed with Tarot, witchcraft, reading, and writing, so all I want to do is either consume or create content about those things. I've been following witchy blogs for years, and I keep feeling this itch to join the conversation. Even if no one reads it, I want to create this space as a personal Tarot journal, an online celebration of this passion. And hopefully it can be a resource for other people beginning or continuing their Tarot journeys. 

I'm a huge believer in the idea of the Divine Feminine. I'm so entranced by the idea of an eternal force of divine female energy coursing through the world, protecting, nurturing, and healing. I love Goddess mythology-- more on my favorite goddesses later-- and connecting to this sense of ancient, empowered females. I'm a passionate modern day feminist, so the idea that we come from a lineage of powerful women is a kickass feeling. This belief is an undercurrent to all of my witchcraft and Tarot work, and a major source of inspiration for this blog as well.

So, on this day of the Leo eclipse, I am finally plunging forward and clicking "publish" on this site I've been tinkering around with for forever. Who knows what will come of it. Like The Fool, I'm starting off on a journey, and I'm grateful to the energy of the eclipse for kicking my butt into action!


Blessed be! xx