The Four Queens Spread

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The Queens are some of my absolute favorite cards in the Tarot deck (I say that a lot, but I always mean it...) as someone who reveres the idea of a Divine Feminine, the Queens are extra enticing; they represent women at the height of their power, ruling over their queendoms with confidence and charisma. The Queens don't doubt their power or ability. They don't overcompensate or feel insecure or apologize for their power; they simply rule. That's why the Queens are the most inspiring female archetypes in the deck to me (along with the Empress and High Priestess). When I need an extra dose of female power, these are the cards I turn to.

Sometimes I need to concentrate on one particular suit. If I'm working on budgeting, maybe I need to tap into the capable feeling of the Queen of Pentacles. If I'm working on forgiving someone, I need some heart-centered wisdom from the loving Queen of Cups. I think it's rare to feel like all four queens at one time; we might be kicking ass in the Wands department but be lacking in the Pentacles energy. No matter. We all try to be well-rounded queens, and that's why I created this super-simple spread that can help in all departments of Queenhood.. 

First, I ask the question: How can I become more like each queen? I go through the deck and pick out the four queens cards, and lay them out in any order you like. Then, after going through my usual shuffling ritual, I pick four cards and lay them beneath each Queen. Whatever comes up beneath each queen is my answer. So, for example, if I drew the Hierophant for "How can I be more like the Queen of Pentacles?" it might be revealed that I should pursue higher education, or another highly structured approach to making money and managing my resources. 

I go through each of the four queens this way and journal about it. It's a wonderfully empowering feeling to leave the reading knowing I have four concrete steps I can take-- four clues as to how to more fully step into my Queen power.

It's useful to check in with this, because I think sometimes we really identify with one Queen, and we don't realize when we've actually shifted away from her a bit. I used to think of myself as a TOTAL Queen of Cups. I'm a double water-sign, (Pisces sun, Scorpio moon) and I'm a poet, so of course I'm all dreamy creative woo-woo. The Cups were the first suit I really connected to, and for a while they felt like my comfort zone. But today, as I was on a walk after kicking my to-do list's butt, I realized: I actually feel very capable right now in the role of Queen of Pentacles, Queen of Wands, and Queen of Swords. I'm taking charge of my money, my living situation, my new job, my social world... and the one thing I'm neglecting is my deeper emotional reality. It kind of shook me to think that the Queen of CUPS-- my dear old friend-- now feels like the most challenging one to connect to.

These things change all the time. I have no doubt that I'll be stepping back into the role of Queen of Cups at some point-- but that's why this spread is so helpful. It lets us check back in with all four areas of ruling our lives, and staying up-to-date on where we really are right now. Try for yourself and see... where are you really comfortable ruling your personal queendom? Where could it use some work?

Blessed be. xx