December 2017: The Moon

Well, this is exciting. The Moon is one of my ALL-TIME, ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Tarot cards. (Yes, I know I say that about a lot of cards. But the Moon is seriously top 5). I have such a deep personal relationship to the Moon card, because it was lunar imagery that brought me to the world of Tarot, witchcraft, and feminist spirituality in the first place. I'll never know exactly why, but it was the image of the moon that introduced me to this whole realm. So whenever I pull this card, it's like seeing an old friend.

It also feels very fitting for our December card. Here we are, truly in winter now, in the short dark days, going inward, getting cozy, being reclusive. The Moon is all about mystery and intuition; the stuff that's not on the surface, the mysterious nudges of your intuition. These dark days are the perfect time to spend more time alone, quiet, and in thought, seeing what arises and what deep inner questions and urges you have.

The Moon is a feminine card, and I absolutely love the imagery on the Dark Days Tarot moon card, with naked women floating up over the full dark moon. It's an image of freedom; letting your mind and body dance freely and follow whatever urges and delightful whims you want. It also speaks of women's mysteries; those sacred spaces of femaleness in which we can be our authentic selves, wild, untamed, not performing.

It reminds me of an amazing retreat I went on last month with my women's book club. A dozen of us went up to a cabin and had a totally freeing time, doing whatever we wanted: hanging by the fire, cooking hearty food, reading books, drawing, doing naked laps and then jumping in the hot tub... it was totally liberating, because we were there for ourselves and for each other; to be wild, to be free, to be a community of joyful women. That's the sensation this particular Moon card brings up for me.

If you have such a community, or any people who make you feel entirely liberated and wild, this is the month to get together with them. Everything is about balance, of course, and this Moon invites us to balance this joyful communal time with the aforementioned solitude and introspection. We need both, of course, to feel stable and full. Seek out both this month, and don't let one fall to the wayside of the other; when in doubt, take a quiet moment to ask yourself, what do I truly want right now? To be alone, or with others? And you will know the answer.

As I said before, the Moon is a card of mystery. This month, get curious. What questions do you have about the world? What strange topic have you long wanted to research? What seemingly mundane things can you view as strange and mysterious? My high school social studies teacher used to tell us to "make the familiar strange." Can you do this? When challenges arise this month, come at them from a place of curiosity. It will make them much more bearable, as well as providing insights that you can take with you into the new year.

It's the last month of 2017, so be easy on yourself. Relax. Enjoy. Be wild, be untamed, break whatever rules you've put in place. You are these women, floating freely up over the moon on this card. You are the birds, flying in a nighttime flock. You are the trees, together in a cozy line underneath the sky. And you are the moon herself, quiet, full, all-knowing, and always with a dark side to explore. 

So, this month: Stay curious. Be wild. Seek out those who make you feel liberated. And above all, follow your intuition.

Happy December! Blessed be. xx