New Moon in Scorpio: the Five of Cups

from the Dark Days Tarot.

from the Dark Days Tarot.

The new moon in Scorpio occurred night before last, and I'm still mulling over how best to take advantage of this lunar energy. I loooooove the sign of Scorpio-- it feels so intense, so deep, so real. I have to admit I feel pretty lucky to have Scorpio as my moon sign. #blessed.

From everything I've read, it seems that Scorpio is all about the shadow-- those parts of our psyches that we keep buried out of shame or fear. (Cool). I know that shadow work is difficult-- it involves diving back into old wounds, feeling those feels we've pushed down, and really doing the work to release that old stuff. But because Scorpio is also so lushhh and intense and intriguing, it has me thinking that maybe shadow work this month doesn't have to be so sad and dreary. Maybe Scorpio's energy is beckoning us down into the shadow, in, like, you know, a fun way.

How can diving into the repressed parts of your psyche be fun?! You may well be asking. Well.... what are those desires you've been repressing? What are the things you don't normally let yourself do? Maybe it's time to let loose a little and do them. (Assuming they're not, like, hurting small animals. Please don't do that.) But seriously, this Scorpio moon can invite us to access our shadow not from a place of fear and sadness but from a place of rebellion, daring, and wildness.

That might be just my optimistic nature, but hey, optimism is what the Tarot is calling for right now. I asked the cards how I may best harness this new Scorpio moon's energy, and I pulled the Five of Cups-- a card about looking at what you have, rather than what you've lost.

As the Dark Days Tarot guidebook puts it, the Five of Cups "reminds you not to be drained of hope, not to be dry with disappointment; rather, to gulp at the overabundant potential of love, to sustain what remains of joy in the present moment." You are not an empty cup, longing for what's been lost; you are a full cup, overflowing, in fact, and the Scorpio moon invites us to really recognize this.

I'm not at all surprised I drew a Cup card for this moon-- cups are the watery suit, dealing with creativity, love, and the depths of emotion. They invite you into the mysterious flow of life, the dream-realm, the subconscious, the intuitive. Scorpio is a water sign, so it's right at home here, and we'll be in this watery realm for the rest of this moon cycle. So, if your feelings are more intense than usual, or your dreams are beyond crazy, or you're having super-strong desires, get used to it. That's what Scorpio does to us.

Fives, in Tarot, are about instability. Some balance has been upset, and we must deal with the resulting conflict. I think the conflict in the Five of Cups card is the conflict between looking behind and looking ahead. When we've lost something (and everyone has), it's natural to look back and mourn it. Of course a mourning period is necessary. But this card signals to us that it's time to let that go and move forward. It's time to fill our cups back up and not see them as empty any longer.

If you've been telling yourself that you're empty in some area of your life-- romance, creativity, work, etc-- prepare to have this area wildly rocked. This Scorpio moon is the perfect opportunity to shift that perspective and see that that area of your life is NOT, in fact, empty. Recognize how full your cup is now, and this will positively change the future.

My mantra for intention-setting this moon cycle is "My cups are full, my future is abundant." It's reminding me that I already have everything I need, and from this feeling of abundance, I can create the future I desire. I know I can be a shameless optimist, but that's what this card calls for. I'll save the super-sad shadow work for another month, thank you. This month is all about desire, fullness, abundance, watery emotion, intuition, and ditching the sob stories we've been telling about ourselves.

Happy intention setting!

Blessed be. xx