Tigerlilith Tarot is a place to celebrate Tarot and witchcraft through the lens of the Divine Feminine-- the notion of a holy, ancient, empowered, everlasting feminine archetype. I claim the word "witch" as a commitment to this sense of divine, empowered femininity. I embrace the role of Witch in all the work I do; the identity of a self-defined woman, living by her own rules, using her connection to the natural world and ancient wisdom to grow and heal.

I've been in love with the Tarot since first having my cards read several years ago. I love its imagery, its universal archetypes, and the endless wisdom it can provide. I love the practice of connecting to a system of symbols, colors, and numbers to reframe the narratives of our own lives.  I created Tigerlilith Tarot as a place to share this obsession, for the pure fun and joy of it.

Lilith, besides being my chosen namesake, was the original feminist. In the first origin story, before Eve, Lilith was Adam's first wife. She wanted sexual equality, and Adam said no. So she left him, flying away to become a demon instead. She wouldn't stand for being the lesser partner. 

I am also a poet and author. I write about feminism, body image, eating disorders, and self-love. I am the author of the slam poem "Shrinking Women" and the YA novel This Impossible Light. You can find my writing website here.

My baby corn snake, Calliope Harvey Danger

My baby corn snake, Calliope Harvey Danger